C-sense and sustainable developmentBeyond words and protests, environmental protection demands that businesses seek out innovative solutions.
By providing crews with a chance to directly influence fuel consumption, Eco-Pilot proves that social and environmental concerns lie at the very heart of our approach.

C-Sense is determined to develop its products in a way that is respectful of the ecology/economy twin dividend, driving sustainable progress forwards.

Since being equipped with the Eco-Pilot, STQ has made average savings of 45 to 50 litres per hour on each ship on which the system is used. STQ ships are in service 5,000 hours per year – so that even with a conservative estimate of consumption being reduced by 45 litres per hour, STQ has made savings of 225,000 litres - or 48,375 dollars - per ship, per year.

FocusIn its 58th session, the Marine Environment Protection Committee recommends that the following systems should be used in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

- Crew involvement in the process
- Consumption control through its display
- Reduction policies set by the shipowner, and reinforced through monitoring

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