Customized  flowmetersThe  flowmeters  are  positioned  on  an  element  that is  crucial  to  the  boat  -  namely,  its propulsion.  It  is therefore  absolutely  essential  that  these  flowmeters are thoroughly reliable.
Only KRAL flowmeters meet all of our exacting requirements in terms of both precision and safety.

Triple Security By-PassSedrial-mounting a flowmeter on your fuel supply line is a risk that should be given careful consideration, regardless  of  the  price  and  quality  of  the  equipment used.
International maritime regulations recommended the activation of flowmeter bypasses when navigating in hazardous areas. In order to avoid any incidents, the Eco-Pilot has a series of three new flowmeter bypass valves functions:

On requestThe captain implements the bypass valves from the bridge

In the event of an incidentwhen an incident is detected on the supply line, the system automatically activates the bypass valves

From the machine roompush-buttons enable immediate opening of all the system's bypass valves.

A system that is both autonomous and disengageable Apart from the flowmeters, the Eco-Pilot measurement system is independent, and does not interfere with the ship's  operation.  Precision,  and  above  all,  reliability, are  thus reinforced.
The Eco-Pilot  is  as  independent as  possible  of  the  ship's  propulsion  system. The Eco-Pilot system can be totally disengaged: the captain remains in charge of this tool.

A system that is dedicated and distributedEach element of  the Eco-Pilot has been designed  for the Eco-Pilot.
We  don't  use  any standard  equipment or software - because  what's available is too broad-spectrum to  be  reliable.
Each Eco-Pilot  element  is  designed to fulfil a  single,  simple  function. The  system operation is distributed so as to allow it to continue working even in the event of one of the elements breaking down.

Modules are watertight to industrial standard All the modules are submersible, resistant to heat and to vibrations,to meet industry standards.

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