Eco-Pilot is much more than a fuel measurement device. It guides you through the three stages of your consumption reduction policy.

STAGE 1Eco-Pilot uses its various sensors to measure the ship’s consumption, along with speed and position ( other parameters on request).

STAGE2Data are recorded or sent onshore directly on your server (mail or ftp) in order to built a data base, scalled on a boat or a fleet.

STAGE 3Thanks to our software, you can analyse the data to get better understanding of ship's fuel consumptiuon, and decide wich plan you can settle to save fuel and money.

KEY Eco-pilot Strengths
A choice of Kral flowmeters specialy designed for Marine engines
A simple and extremely reliabale Can Bus networ. Choices uncompromising with safety.

Safety is never compromised. All analyse are based on your own boat’s history and operational conditions.

downloadsFor more detailed information about Eco-Pilot, our documentation is available to download in PDF format.
Eco-Pilot Overview

concrete exemplesEco-Pilot is used for various applications:

- Give the crew the good information to ajust consumption
- Proof of billing for fuel oil when chartering
- Fight against fuel oil theft
- help in predictive maintenance: hot engine = to less return flow = tired fuel feed pump
- improve safety when trawling by watching fuel oil consumption increase
- ...