CANbus technology makes installation easyEco-Pilot is mounted as a network of sensors based on CANbus technology
Issuing from the automobile industry, it has been selected for its reliability, flexibility and simplicity of installation, and above all for its distributed operation, which ensures that (unlike centralized operation) a single non-functioning element does not affect the network’s effectiveness.

Eco-Pilot installation necessitates positioning of just one cable. Each element connects to this cable very simply.

Separate, dedicated elementsEvery  element  has  a  dedicated  function. The  Eco-Pilot  has  its  own  screen,  which  you  can easily  change  because  it  is  separate  from  the  data processing unit.
The  equipment  specifically  constructed  for  the  Eco-Pilot  allows  the  optimal  miniaturization  of  each element. Moreover,  this equipment  is  immune  to  the malware and virus problems affecting widely-available computerized systems.

Simple replacementWith  the  CANbus,  each  element  connects  to  the network through a single connector.
In  the  event  of  a breakdown, parts  can  therefore be changed simply and quickly. There  is no need to call  in a specialist to replace the equipment.

Self-diagnosisThe  system  constantly  checks  that  the  sensors  are operating  correctly,  and keeps  the  user  informed  of any  problems. 
By  delivering  precise  information about  the  origin  and  position  of  the  breakdown (which  engine  is  concerned,  which  connector  is disconnected,  which  sensor  is  failing),  it  greatly simplifies  the  task  of  tracking  down  the  fault. This is of fundamental importance in a system in which the sensors can be distributed all over the boat.

BUS CANC-Sense adapts tried and tested CANbus technology to the marine industry, leaving room for a high level of flexibility in installation of the equipment.