view your recordingsSeveral months of recording, at the rate of 1 data item every second, adds up to a great many recordings
C-Sense offers you a simple and visual tool for reading them: Eco-Pilot On Line.
By ship or by fleet, this powerful tool provides you with all the details: speed, consumption and movement data are revealed to you.

Charts to help you understand
Eco-Pilot On Line also gives you the option of displaying clear charts, issuing from analysis of your recordings

Need a demo? Please feel free to contact us, we can provide you with access to a sample file.

Two ways OF...Accessing your recordings:
using a memery stick, on board  your ships

using a GSM/Satellite link, automaticaly

Analysing the data:
Excel database, giving the detail of recorded datas

Eco-Pilot On Line access, providing either a summary of a detailed account of consumption and boat movements